HWerks Reviews

HWerks.com is providing an opportunity to all herpes people to stay out of their comfort zone and meet people experiencing the same situation. There will be no perfect place find true love but on HWerks.com.
To become a member in HWerks.com community, you are only required to have a one-time payment in return for your lifetime membership. The membership fee is $30. To make this clear, the site is not offering free membership or any free trial, like what you commonly see in other herpes dating sites.
In some sites out there, the free trial will just ask you to create a profile but limiting you to experience the thrill, which could also mean you can’t go beyond it and have to pay if you are looking for extreme experience. In addition, creating a free profile will only become an incentive in order to boost the artificial numbers in any sites offering free membership. But with HWerks.com, your $30 is worth a lifetime, so you can do whatever you want on the site.
The Best Herpes Dating Website
HWerks.com is a dating website exclusively for people suffering from herpes. The site will create a sensitive environment in order to help connect the people sharing the same struggles in life, but desperately need deep relationship from someone, who truly understands. HWerks.com will allow you to create not just a romantic connection, but potentially a lifelong understanding.
HWerks.com has been known to be one of the top choices of the users. The overall structure of the dating site is perfectly for the advantage of the members, who have experiences of daily toil of herpes.
Easy Sign Up
By entering your email and password, you can easily signup. Provide the information asked and create your own killer profile to attract other members. With a one-time payment for membership, you don’t have to worry about paying additional fees, as you can have full access to the network any time you want. If you are looking for support, understanding, friendship or love, you are just a click away from HWerks.com.
Creating Your Profile
When creating your profile with HWerks.com, make sure that it is comprehensive. Provide reliable information about yourself, your lifestyle, and your interests and much more, so other members will see if you are the right person they’re looking for. And don’t forget to add hot pictures on it.
Supports and News
HWerks.com is featuring blogging, local groups and national events to all members. The blogging page will help the members get the most valuable information and up-to-date data about the things around the herpes issues. The local group is for the local people. This is done by providing ideas for the support groups in a certain area. And the national events of the site are featuring a nationwide event, which will be held in US and Canada each year. This will help the members get to socialize with other people having a mutual situation.
Our Verdict
HWerks.com is able to create a fantastic operation not only to create a thriving dating site but also to develop a community for people facing sensitive life situations. The site continues to provide excellent customer service to both premium and new members. So, if you are one of those who cannot get out from the world just because herpes deters you, then make HWerks.com as a good start to connecting to the people who understand your situation and feeling.

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