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Dating sites are made for men and women with different sexualities. But today, the game for dating sites are now being changed since there are dating sites that are open for individuals who are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases like herpes. All over the world, there are people who get infected by STDs and herpes due to unprotected sex which makes the transfer of the disease easy and fast. However, online dating sites are not closing its doors to people with herpes since everybody deserves to love and be loved. That is why; PositiveSingles.com is made to cater people who are positive with herpes.
PositiveSingles.com is a dating site that embraces individuals who are inflicted with sexually transmitted diseases. Here, people who have herpes or STDs are sharing their real-life experience about their disease. Not only that, the site is open to people who are looking for friends or partners who share the same experience with them.
With more than 10 years in the industry, PositiveSingles.com has already over 70,000 users and more than 10,000 of them are active users daily. The dating site is the leading one because of its unique niche when it comes to dating.
Membership Cost
Joining PositiveSingles.com requires you to join its membership to fully enjoy its features. The prices will vary depending on the months that you want to utilize your paid membership.

Best dating site for people with Herpes
PositiveSingles.com is the best site that people with herpes can join to find friends and partners and to share their experience as a herpes carrier. The site allows people with STDs to find their match and fall in love despite the disease that they have. The dating site is geared with complete features that can be seen from others sites which make the usage enjoyable and worth the time. Users can send a message and even have their own blog narrating their life stories.
Free Sign up
Signing up at PositiveSingles.com has never been a hassle especially financially. Users who would want to be part of the site can sign up free of charge and enjoy the free features that the site offers.
When you became a member of PositiveSingles.com, you have the option to choose whether to have a free or paid membership. When you choose the free one, you don’t have to pay for anything but the features that you can use are limited. On the other hand, if you want to have a paid membership, you are joining the gold membership and you are privileged to enjoy the features of the website.
PositiveSingles.com allows the users to send a message to other users. Also, the profile of the users will remain nameless unless they have already found their match. All the information provided by the users is honest and fully verified from their age down to their occupation. Not only that, PositiveSingles.com allows the users to post their own blogs or even join forums to meet the community.
Blogs and Forums
The blogs and forums of PositiveSingles.com come from the members itself and the contents are about real life stories and how they are living their lives with herpes as one of their companions. The blogs can be made by the user basing from their true life experience. As for the forums, users can join or can simply create their own topic. Users can also follow threads that they think matches their interests.

PositiveSingles.com is the  best herpes dating site for people with herpes who are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases like herpes. The ambiance that it provides certainly fits people who are embarrassed about their health condition but still would want to find love. The site is good for sharing insights and finding partners or companions who share the same battle in health.

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